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Of, relating to, or derived from humus.
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(Biology) of, relating to, derived from, or resembling humus: humic acids.
[C19: from Latin humus ground + -ic]
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(ˈhyu mɪk; often ˈyu-)

of or noting a substance, as an acid, obtained from humus.
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Adj.1.humic - of or relating to or derived from humus; "humic acid"
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Unlike humic acid, cow dung could lead to a continuous decrease in the distribution coefficients of acetic acid-soluble Ni in soil by 56.5% to 66.8% (P < 0.05).
Humic substances (HS), the main constituent of organic matter, present heterogeneous mixture of organic compounds aggregated by weak intermolecular interactions of hydrophobic nature and by hydrogen bonds (Matilainen et al., 2011; Valencia et al., 2013), which are fractionated in humic acids (HA), fulvic acids (FA) and humins (Baldotto et al., 2013); HS have a structural complexity due to the presence of organic functional groups that provide several functions in the nutrition of plants and improvement of the physical and chemical properties of the soil.
One of its most-compelling findings is that, on average, organic farms have 44% higher levels of humic acid--the component of soil that sequesters carbon over the long term--than soils not managed organically.
Additionally, suspended soils are not considered to be part of special soil taxa in the world reference base of soil resources (WRB, 2014), and they are not discussed as possible sources of, and storage for, humic substances.
This phenomenon has been described for various types of natural waters [5-8] and during transformations of humic substances caused by microscopic fungi [9].
FvA is a subclass of diverse compounds known as humic substances, which are by-products of organic degradation from microorganisms [4].
Distribution of the humified fractions and characteristics of the humic acids of an ultisol under cultivation of eucalyptus and sugar cane.
[USA], Aug 19 (ANI): Scientists have identified biologically active molecular components of humic substances extracted from coal, and discovered substances with antiviral activity against the tick-borne encephalitis virus.
Humic acid (HA) is a complex mixture, which has complex functions and structures, gets from the biological organic matter by the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms through long-term reaction and accumulation (Alvarez-Puebla et al., 2006).
In late 2018, University of Alberta researchers published a paper titled, "Soil humic acids degrade CWD prions and reduce infectivity." I immediately read the fascinating results, finding myself floored by the outcome.