humic acid

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Noun1.humic acid - a dark brown humic substance that is soluble in water only at pH values greater than 2; "the half-life of humic acid is measured in centuries"
humic substance - an organic residue of decaying organic matter
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The results show that the quality detection studies are mainly focused on: sensory detection, humic acid content, microbiology hygiene, probiotics activity, and product harmlessness (Ye et al., 2013).
The use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides contributes to a major degradation in soil health and the loss of humic acid. Pioneers of the regenerative agriculture revolution remind us that our dependence on fertilizers and plows to maximize crop yields have greatly depleted soil organic matter.
Interestingly, inclusion of humic acid in diets appeared to significantly increase the proportions of the n-3 PUFAs in broiler meat.
humic acid and cow dung) were introduced as a powder form and uniformly mixed within the soil media.
Values close to 1 mean a higher equilibrium between the humic fractions and values below 1.0 indicate a higher content of fulvic acids in detriment of the humic acid fraction (Borges et al., 2015).
Kawahigashi, "[sup.13]C NMR spectra and elemental composition of fractions with different particle sizes from an andosol humic acid," Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, vol.
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This proves the workability of cement hydrolysis reaction in the stabilized peat, despite the presence of humic acid. In other words, higher moisture content inside the soil provides more water for the cement to react and produces the binding agent.
Rehabilitation will also involve covering the area with humic acid, compost and other material to add nutrients to the soil to prepare the land for a massive reforestation program that includes endemic and suitable plant species.