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tr.v. hu·mid·i·fied, hu·mid·i·fy·ing, hu·mid·i·fies
To make humid.

hu·mid′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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The solution provides complete free humidification and cooling for 74% of the time and partial free cooling for the remaining 26% of the time with the controls set-points that we had selected.
The new fan-powered steam type models accommodate a broad spectrum of space humidification requirements.
The humidification requirement of a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is determined by the amount of outside air (OA) that the system uses and the difference between the psychrometric properties of OA versus space design.
Aiming for the ultimate in energy efficiency, Ameridose is currently in the process of installing a made-in-the-USA ultrasonic humidification system that is 93% more energy efficient than traditional steam humidifiers.
While many RTs and their patients claim humidification helps relieve some discomfort and dryness prompted by the use of oxygen therapy, as many studies have been published advising that humiditication is not necessary.
The absorbing layer, after humidification with neutral water, has a pH of 5.6 or lower and the acidic polymer has a degree of neutralization of at least 50%.
The Draabe MicroCool air humidification system, from WALTER MEIER (Climate UK), provides a low cost, high performance humidification solution for large spaces with a ceiling height of more than 5m.
provides custom engineered industrial humidification systems resulting in dramatic improvement or elimination of dry air problems.
Precise water purity control enhances the chamber's cleanliness and maximizes the life of components in the humidification system.
Modine Manufacturing Company recently announced it has begun supplying humidification and water management components to Volkswagen for its Touran HyMotion fuel cell (FC) hybrid vehicle.
However, there can be significant energy-consumption and water consumption issues when incorporating steam or atomizer humidification. In some cases, dehumidification through re-heat and/or desiccant systems is necessary.
The Herrmidisteam[TM] Steam-to-Steam (SS) Generator, offered by Fedders Indoor Air Quality (FIAQ), can be used in office buildings, dormitories, hospitals, schools, and museums, Increases humidification by 20 percent and is used within an existing boiler by taking steam and passing it through a copper or stainless steel heat exchanger into a stainless steel evaporating chamber.