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The formation of humus.


(ˌhyu mə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən,; often ˌyu-)

the formation of humus.
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Noun1.humification - the process of the formation of humus from plant remains
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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This significant contribution of HS to the DOM pool is due to the fact that, in wetland soils, the main source of DOM originates from microbial decomposition of vascular plant detritus that is subjected to humification processes and turned into humic material (Calvet et al.
On the other hand, the CEC/C ratio, which evaluates if organic matter humification was efficient, demonstrates that there were no differences between the different proportions of DE (Table 2).
Humus accumulation, humification and humic acid composition in soils of two post-mining chronosequences after coal mining.
0 for fulvic acid [45] and is used to determine the degree of humification.
The peat material was described using the Von Post Squeeze test and results were provided according to the Von Post Degree of Humification with values between H1 and H10.
Humification is the generic term given to extremely complicated formation and transformation processes in soil where biotic activity is occurring, and polycondensation proceeds under the participation of inorganicorganic catalysts (e.
Shift in C and N humification during legume litter decomposition in an acid tropical Ferralsol.
The pH is a parameter which indicates the degree of humification of the organic matter, at the beginning it is less than 5.
The transformation and the evolution of soil organic matter can follow two paths: the mineralization and humification.
Processes of disturbance by human activity, such as mixing of the upper soil profile by ploughing, humification and relatively slight pedogenetic clay differentiation, are characteristic for the studied Luvic Chernozem of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin.
Forest decline, loss of native plant species, soil erosion, increased humification and decomposition is resulted as litter layer depleted (Frelich et al.