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You shall be the meanest slave in the service of the goddess you have attempted to humiliate. Tortures and ignominies shall be heaped upon you until you grovel at my feet asking the boon of death.
Do not think that I humiliate myself by writing thus to you, or that I belong to that class of people who take a satisfaction in humiliating themselves--from pride.
Is it not this: To humiliate oneself in order to mortify one's pride?
She felt so sinful, so guilty, that nothing was left her but to humiliate herself and beg forgiveness; and as now there was no one in her life but him, to him she addressed her prayer for forgiveness.
He said they should not accept any statement from lawmakers who will humiliate them in public.
" No body will be allowed to humiliate Tharis in their difficult time and we are with all those, who are bearing the burnts of the severe drought" they added while talking to the local journalists.
The Knut secretary-general said the appraisals were meant to humiliate and bully teachers.
We are taught to evaluate our worth in terms of materialism; class, ethnicity, achieved status and even physical traits are used as powerful tools to degrade and humiliate subordinates.
The regulations contain three conditions that would constitute a violation.  If the images are disseminated "with the intent to realize personal gain; with the intent to humiliate, harm, harass, intimidate, threaten or coerce the depicted person; or with reckless disregard as to whether the depicted person would be humiliated, harmed, intimidated, threatened or coerced." 
Chelsea's manager denied that he had been trying to humiliate United.
Just as we don't like to be humiliated, the other side doesn't like to be humiliated either." Zarif, who is known for having a very thin skin, asked the reporters not to humiliate Kerry in their articles, Jafari wrote.
He posted the picture on Facebook and left it there for four hours in a bid to humiliate a former partner, a court heard.