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But tell me one thing: was there in his tone anything unseemly, not nice, humiliatingly horrible?
Nevertheless, for a man sick with unsatisfied love, and parting for an indefinite period from the object of his passion, he felt himself almost humiliatingly calm and comforted.
MANCHESTER UNITED were humiliatingly dumped out of the Champions League on a disastrous night at Old Trafford.
In May 2016, Amathus residents staged a protest claiming that a Russian company planned to build a major complex in the area, while their land was being expropriated by the antiquities department for humiliatingly low prices.
Thirdly, the Trump administration demonstrated complete impotence by humiliatingly transferring executive powers to the Congress, which changes the balance of power in US political circles," Medvedev wrote in his Facebook blog.
uk/- then his plan to impose further sanctions on Russia was humiliatingly rejected by the G7.
Humiliatingly labelled a scrounger when he is anything but, Daniel comes up against further absurdities of the welfare state.
Villa were also humiliatingly dumped out of the EFL Cup by League Two Luton Town - and Xia has hinted at his frustrations on social media.
Humiliatingly, the episode proved Stiglitz not to be a guru but a lapdog trotting out whichever line is required by Sturgeon, who quickly needs to drop the Salmond approach to independence.
Poor Labour councillor Shabir Pandor was left feeling hurt and angry after Clr Sheard's ousting when his attempt at bagging the top job fell humiliatingly flat.
UNITED had just lost humiliatingly 3-0 to Sunderland at St James' Park in the middle of the current record breaking six-match run of derby defeats.
Obama's humiliatingly weak Iran policy is exposed again.