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Noun1.humin - a black humic substance that is not soluble in water
humic substance - an organic residue of decaying organic matter
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Fractionation is one of the processes where soil organic matter is separated into its various components such as humic acid, fulvic and humin.
FIGURE 1: Distribution of organic carbon content (g kg-1) in the humic substances, fulvic acids (AF), humic acids (AH), and humin (HUM), on native grassland (CN), five-year old Pinus (P05), sixteen-year old Pinus (P16), and twenty-one-year old Pinus (P21) areas, in five layers until depth of 40 cm in a Humic Dystrupept.
Its humified fraction comprises approximately 80% of total soil organic carbon (TOC) and includes stable fractions referred to as humic substances: fulvic acids (FA), humic acids (HA) and humin (HU; Martin-Neto et al.
Regarding C distribution in the stable fraction of SOM, there was a predominance of humin (Hum) in comparison to the fractions humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA), regardless of the analyzed management systems and layers (Figures 1C, D, E, F, G and H).
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Humus, which includes humin, humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA), is the most important and largest constituent of soil organic matter and is formed by decomposition of plant and animal residues by micro-organisms.
Among the topics are polyacrylamide hydrogels obtained by frontal polymerization and their properties, fulvic and humin acids in surface waters of Georgia, modeling the physical mechanism of activation (opening) of ion channels in nerve impulse transmission, and the thermal curing of composite-based epoxy.
Author Liu Humin is Associate Professor of Faculty of English Language and Culture, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
Humic compounds, arranged in order of increasing weight are: fulvic acid, humic acid and humin [21].
Gerzabek, FTIR-Spectroscopic Characterization of Humic Acids and Humin Fractions Obtained by Advanced NaOH, Na4P2O7, and Na2CO3 Extraction Procedures, Journal of Plant Nutrition Soil Science, 170, 522 (2007).
Their most common classification is based on the solubility at different pH values such as Humic Acid (HA), insoluble at pH < 2 (under acidic condition), Fulvic Acid (FA), soluble at all pH values and Humin (Hu), is insoluble at all pH values [3].