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n. Music
A whimsical or fanciful composition.

[German Humoreske, from Humor, humor, from English humor.]


(ˌhjuːməˈrɛsk) or


(Classical Music) a short lively piece of music
[C19: from German Humoreske, ultimately from English humour]


(ˌhyu məˈrɛsk; often ˌyu-)

a musical composition of humorous or capricious character.
[1875–80; < German Humoreske]
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Christodoulou's performance is uniquely paired with Glazunov's concerto, a dazzling work that packs a lot into its 20 minutes, and Sibelius's Six Humoresques.
The related Naxos CD will also include performances of Dvorak's American Suite and selected Humoresques, as well as two Arthur Farwell Indianist miniatures, all with pianist Benjamin Pasternack.
Grupos multidisciplinares publicam revistas especializadas, tais como o Corhum na Franca, que edita semestralmente o Humoresques (37).
Asi, la asociacion CORHUM (Pour le developpement des Recherches sur le COmique, le Rire et l'HUmour), creada en 1987, organiza periodicamente coloquios y jornadas de estudio, y publica semestralmente la revista Humoresques.
The wide-open Nordic landscape will be evoked through the romantic music of Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite - composed as incidental music to Ibsen's play of the same name and Humoresques by Jean Sibelius, which will display the talents of Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud.
King and Bill McCormack give careful attention to the Victorian set and costumes, (135-36, 144-46) and King champions Hynes's choice of pre-show piano music, one of Dvorak's light Humoresques (136).