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1. Lacking a sense of humor.
2. Said or done without humor: "She winked at me, but it was humorless; a wink of warning" (Truman Capote).

hu′mor·less·ly adv.
hu′mor·less·ness n.
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Adj.1.humorless - lacking humorhumorless - lacking humor; "it was a humorless wink; a wink of warning"- Truman Capote
humorous, humourous - full of or characterized by humor; "humorous stories"; "humorous cartoons"; "in a humorous vein"
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is a growing humorlessness that afflicts them--us--and that can grow a little more intense, a little more bitter, year by losing year" (2009, 81).
One of the hallmarks of the politically correct, of course, is a grave and abiding humorlessness.
A sober Calvinism becomes the ideological target of this critique of puritanic humorlessness, and Hawthorne introduces Dr.
Citing queer and feminist theory, Kathryn Kein reviews three books attempting to reverse a long-standing belief in women's--and particularly feminists'-- supposed humorlessness "at a moment of popular fascination with female comedians." One book Kein reviews explores the relationships between "charged humor," social justice, and cultural citizenship.
A large fact of social existence doesn't speak its name because it doesn't know its name: humorlessness.
Secondly, we can see that nothing marks the conversation about race more than humorlessness and compulsion.
In his Berlin Diary, William Shirer identified humorlessness as both an intellectual trait and product of the Nazis, as well as a flaw in the German population generally that rendered them susceptible to Fascism (see 70, 246, 271, and 329).
humorlessness, by his own laziness and use of cliche, by the mechanical
As LaPlante tells us, he was a genial, generous man with neither Garrison's rage nor Emerson's humorlessness. And, unlike Bronson, he never said anything to his fellow abolitionists like: "I am as pure and as wise as was Jesus Christ.
I also think he was trying to inoculate me against academic humorlessness while I was still a babe.
CHRIS LEHMAN: There is, I'm sure, some German term that conveys the full irony of being called out for humorlessness by one of the most whimsy-free publications on the planet.
Many late-night comedians exploited Gore's perceived humorlessness throughout the 2000 campaign (Young, 2004).