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Noun1.humous - a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic; used especially as a dip for pita; originated in the Middle East
paste, spread - a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
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Moorish rolled out its Avocado Humous into Sainsbury's stores in May (see right), while Itsu is going for a twist on the classic with an Avocado, Egg & Seeds bao bun.
The humous - presumably representing the Cypriot part of the menu - was nothing special.
Pub Spy opted for the chargrilled cauliflower curry and beetroot falafel and humous small-plate starters - both tip-top - with mains of grilled chicken breast with a rocket, caper and sundried tomato salad and hanger steak escalopes.
Among the many activities taking place, attendees enjoyed tasting and experiencing traditional Palestinian food such as Falafel, Kunafe, Humous, and Foul and listened to a variety of Palestinian music and dance such as the famed Dabkah dance by the Yasmin al-Sham group and Palestinian hip hop and rap by the Rap for Palestine group.
He ordered the chickpea and butterbean burger that arrived in a bun with salad, served with sweet potato fries and humous dip.
From a large selection of starters we went for the humous and melitzanosalata -- a dip made from aubergines, tahini, garlic and fresh herbs -- and both were on another level.
The new made-to-order dishes include smoked tomato bruschetta, featuring vegan garlic bread, avocado humous, roasted veg alfredo pasta and garlic vegetable fajitas, featuring edamame beans and scorpion sauce.
While this nonfiction work provides some humous and thought-provoking information on various historical, scientific, and biographical subjects, the book seems tedious with fact after fact.
Head of Palestinian Committee against the Wall and Settlement in Al-Issawiya, Marwan Abu Humous said in a statement that Israeli forces imposed a military cordon around an under-construction building in the Obeid neighborhood, before the bulldozers started destructing it .
CHOOSE: Vegetable dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), humous or tzatziki with vegetable crudites, chicken or fish souvlaki, grilled fish, Greek salads and grilled fruit with yoghurt.
They also have an impressive selection of tapas - olives, humous, vegetable crisps and cured meats including venison salami - as wel as handmade venison Scotch eggs and pies.
Songs, candles, delicious challah bread, lamb, chicken, humous. And yes, a lot of wine.