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1. See hunchback.
2. A humped upper back.
3. A humpback whale.

hump′backed′ adj.



having a hump on the back.
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Adj.1.humpbacked - characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column
unfit - not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition; "fat and very unfit"; "certified as unfit for army service"; "drunk and unfit for service"
أحْدَب، حَدْباء
sem er meî herîakistil
sırtı kambur olan


[ˈhʌmpbækt] ADJ [person] → jorobado
humpbacked bridgepuente m encorvado


adj personbuck(e)lig; bridgegewölbt


[ˈhʌmpˌbækt] adj (offensive) (person) → gobbo/a; (animal) → con la gobba, gibboso/a


(hamp) noun
1. a large lump on the back of an animal, person etc. a camel's hump.
2. part of a road etc which rises and falls in the shape of a hump.
ˈhumpback noun
a back with a hump.
rising and falling in the shape of a hump. a humpback bridge.
ˈhumpbacked adjective
having a hump on the back.


adj jorobado
References in classic literature ?
She distils nothing of the kind, vile rabble," said Don Quixote, burning with rage, "nothing of the kind, I say, only ambergris and civet in cotton; nor is she one-eyed or humpbacked, but straighter than a Guadarrama spindle: but ye must pay for the blasphemy ye have uttered against beauty like that of my lady.
There was a humpbacked tailor in the neighborhood of Mr.
Thus, the sperm whale and the humpbacked whale, each has a hump; but there the similitude ceases.
While at Lahainaluna--the residence of this monstrous Jezebel--a humpbacked wretch was pointed out to me, who, some twenty-five years previously, had had the vertebrae of his backbone very seriously discomposed by his gentle mistress.
Of course, lacking the courage of my convictions I simply can't jettison the single-action option totally with one of the Centennial-type "hammerless" variants, which may explain my fondness for Smith's humpbacked Bodyguard style with its shrouded--but still thumb-able--hammer.
passenger service for the iconic humpbacked plane nicknamed the Queen of the Skies.
There were perfectly straight walls and humpbacked ones.
But if you put it there, the barrel has to sit lower than the top of the spring tube, giving the rifle a humpbacked appearance from the side.
At 3,428ft, Sotres is one of the highest villages in the Picos, while Congas de Onis, the capital of the Asturias, is known for its beautiful humpbacked Roman bridge.
With maps in hand we started hiking, keeping a wary eye on a coal-black, humpbacked bull that watched us with as much bovine emotion as one would expect.
With its iconic humpbacked frame, the CZ-75 has always been known for its ergonomics, and the P-07 shares that.