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Variant of humongous.


a variant spelling of humongous


(hyuˈmʌŋ gəs, -ˈmɒŋ-; often yu-)

also humungous

adj. Slang.
extraordinarily large.
[1965–70, Amer.; expressive coinage, perhaps reflecting huge and monstrous, with stress pattern of tremendous]
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Some of these issues are so humungous that the raising of donations cannot be the solution.
JENNIFER Lopez needed a limo to herself just to get this absolutely humungous gown to the premiere of her her new film.
Minkies, Black Fritz and Silver Humungous on an intermediate line should bring a fish or two to the net but do not discount spider and buzzer patterns when fish can be seen at the surface.
'We will adopt humility and simplicity after getting into power and I will initiate it from myself,' he said while addressing a humungous crowd in Kohat, chiding the ruling elite for their luxurious lifestyle.
Paul Rudd returns as Ant-Man, who is seen as a humungous size of himself rather than being miniscule.
The Gin Kings are accustomed to the humungous Philippine Arena, having won their recent title against Meralco in seven games in October.
Jubilee: Fluff Cats, Cat's Whiskers, orange Lures, Humungous, Zonkers.
Jamie Oliver The TV chef and campaigner said: "Let's just remember: eight years ago there were no standards for kids' food in schools from the age of four to 18, 190 days of the year, and there was a humungous amount of standards for dog food.
Good to know he's still knocking about though as, while we can't really vouch for the quality of his more recent solo output, the thought of the world being without the man who played the humungous riffage on KISS tracks like Detroit Rock City, Deuce and I Stole Your Love is a very depressing one indeed.
To today's generation, who are leaving having kids later and therefore are likely to spend their 40s staggering under the load of small children, work, humungous mortgage and possibly frail grandparents too, this idea of your 40s being carefree is totally lunatic.
The Charles Egerton-trained Humungous came from last to first to land the Sodexo Classified Stakes, seeing off 11-10 favourite Kaateb by two lengths.
Tonight, 5-8pm, I'm in Williamson Sguarefora humungous line dance.