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Noun1.hunger marcher - an unemployed person who participates in a hunger march
hunger march - a march of protest or demonstration by the unemployed
unemployed person - someone who is jobless
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George Garrett (1896-1966) was a seaman, a Wobbly, a communist, an NUWM organiser, a Hunger Marcher and a NUS activist.
CAMPAIGNERS: Liverpool members of the hunger marcher in October 1922
Or dismiss hunger marchers as shirkers, send the Black and Tans to murder the Irish as Colonial Secretary in the 1920s, claim no wrong was done to "American Red Indians" or Australian aborigines by the white man and that British imperialism was a good and natural thing as "a higher-grade race" could lead the "primitive" and "subject" races.
As a child during the Great Depression Johnny begged for bread on the streets of Stockton and then joined the hunger marchers in 1934, walking 240 miles to London and sleeping rough when he got there.
She trained as a nurse at Oxford and gave medical back-up to the passing hunger marchers.
A year later, in October 1932, 300 Scottish hunger marchers entered the city on their way from Glasgow to London.
Boswell exhibited his picture of hunger marchers protesting against the Means Test in Hyde Park.
HUNGER MARCHERS FROM ALL PARTS THRO' FOG AND FROST A great army of unemployed invaded London today.
"Those Jarrow Hunger Marchers think they had it tough," we shall cry.
Then, the Tory answer was to follow debts with cuts, lack of demand with more cuts, mass unemployment with cuts so savage hunger marchers stalked the land and towns like Jarrow, in the northeast of England, and Clydebank were said to have been "murdered".