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"'Scuse me," interrupted Dorothy; "but I'm getting hungrier every minute.
it is thirstier, heartier, hungrier, more frightful, more mysterious, than all woe: it wanteth ITSELF, it biteth into ITSELF, the ring's will writheth in it,--
why should I care for his thinking, sir, when I know that I should be a fool, and worse than a fool, sir, to leave the kindest master and mistress that ever was or can be, who took me out of the streets a very poor and hungry lad indeed--poorer and hungrier perhaps than even you think for, sir--to go to him or anybody?
I do not mean to say, nor does it enter into my thoughts, that the knight-errant's calling is as good as that of the monk in his cell; I would merely infer from what I endure myself that it is beyond a doubt a more laborious and a more belaboured one, a hungrier and thirstier, a wretcheder, raggeder, and lousier; for there is no reason to doubt that the knights-errant of yore endured much hardship in the course of their lives.
He was gone eight hours, and he came back through the darkness hungrier than when he had started.
"Far away there," and she pointed toward the south-west, "is the land of tigers, which is even worse than this, the land of the lions, for the tigers are more numerous than the lions and hungrier for human flesh.
But the teeth he set at the town, and the hand he shook at the town, brought the town no nearer; and the man was yet hungrier, and thirstier, and wearier, when his feet were on its jagged pavement, and he stood looking about him.
In the opposite corner are two tables, filling a third of the room and laden with dishes and cold viands, which a few of the hungrier guests are already munching.
At least, that is the way in which monsieur the cure of Saint-Remy explains why these women are colder and hungrier than other poor women, when they are old."
DAVID Warner has told England he is hungrier to score Ashes runs this summer than he was four years ago.
Summary: Dubai [UAE], May 23 (ANI): South Africa batsman Hashim Amla, who missed the one-day series against Sri Lanka earlier this year and also the India Premier League, stated that he had his time away and now he is hungrier than ever before to be back on the field.
Hearts were strong from the start of the match and looked hungrier than the Academy Boys.