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It occurred to me that I had made another blunder: I had sent the boy off to alarm his betters with a threat -- I intending to invent a calamity at my leisure; now the people who are the readiest and eagerest and willingest to swallow miracles are the very ones who are hungriest to see you perform them; suppose I should be called on for a sample?
"He was the hungriest and the loudest to wait upon of the lot of 'em.
"Either way," murmured some of the hungriest of the crew; "it will be better than starvation; particularly if one could be sure of being well fattened beforehand, and daintily cooked afterwards."
They should remember that it was the early Christians who got the biggest and hungriest lions.
Geri's second solo album is a mix of sounds which will feed the hungriest pop appetite.
Bruce, who played under Ferguson at Old Trafford and was an integral part of the side which won back-to-back championships in 1993 and 1994, said: "This is the toughest, hungriest, meanest and most cussed competitor I've ever met in the whole of my football life.
Fridges and freezers may not be the hungriest appliances for electricity but you can still save pounds with the latest models.
Hold those hungry horses - Oregon may not be the hungriest state in the nation after all.
While some of Tottenham's older players have seen it and done it all before, it was Blackburn who were the hungriest as many of them have never before enjoyed success at club level.
If calorie counting isn't a prime concern, tuck into the Chocolate Indulgence Cake (pounds 2.99) - a wicked melt in the mouth cake which will satisfy even the hungriest chocaholics.
The combination of creamy custard or rice, together with the crunchy cereal topping makes for a filling snack that will satisfy the hungriest of appetites, because you will want to eat it anywhere and at anytime, those clever people who make Creamy Crunch snacks have even put a spoon in the pot.
Oregon has been ranked as the hungriest state in the nation by the U.S.