hunt out

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يَبْحَث عن
lede efter
leita eftir/aî
araştırmakarayıp bulmak

w>hunt out

vt sepheraussuchen, hervorkramen (inf); person, factsausfindig machen, aufstöbern (inf)
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(hant) verb
1. to chase (animals etc) for food or for sport. He spent the whole day hunting (deer).
2. to pursue or drive out. The murderer was hunted from town to town.
1. the act of hunting animals etc. a tiger hunt.
2. a search. I'll have a hunt for that lost necklace.
ˈhunterfeminine ˈhuntress noun
a person who hunts.
ˈhunting noun
the activity of chasing animals etc for food or for sport.
ˈhuntsman (ˈhants-) noun
a hunter.
hunt down
to search for (someone or something) until found. The police hunted down the escaped prisoner.
hunt for
to search for. I've been hunting for that shoe all morning.
hunt high and low
to search everywhere.
hunt out
to search for (something that has been put away) until it is found. I'll hunt out that old photograph for you.
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