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Noun1.hunting guide - guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territoryhunting guide - guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territory
pathfinder, scout, guide - someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
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With over 40 years of experience as a bush pilot and hunting guide, we figured he might be able to spot the difference between a cheesy mini light and a rugged, hard-use hunter's flashlight that delivers brilliant white light when you need it--every time.
This 184-page paperback from professional hunting guide Sharon McLeod-Everette recalls her many adventures in Alaska.
I was a hunting guide 20 years ago-working six years in the Selway Wilderness and two in Alaska.
"Always bring a 12 gauge for shooting rooster pheasants," I heard a hunting guide tell one of his clients.
"We see the right to leasing our property as a way to compensate our landowners for the damage done by wildlife," says Reed, who contracts out his own acreage to a deer hunting guide service.
I wondered if he felt more like a babysitter than a hunting guide as he calmly instructed me on exactly what to do and helped to relax my first-timer nerves.
Roland Cheek, retired Montana hunting guide and author, agrees with the "flight before fight" tactic when faced with such a confrontation.
The crop damage they cause has made hunting them a necessity, and a large majority of the state's hog hunting guide services operate from here.
"Mearns' quail are totally grass dependent," said Web Parton, a dog trainer and hunting guide from Oracle.