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Noun1.hunting license - a license authorizing the bearer to kill a certain type of animal during a specified period of time
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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In the 1970s, one in every seven Oregonians had a hunting license.
Summary: Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk sent a letter Wednesday to the head of the Lebanese Association for Shooting and Hunting, Pierre Jalkh, calling on clubs authorized to give hunting license tests to begin conducting exams.
The draft agreement will introduce a single document, a common Eurasian hunting license, for weapons movement in the CU states.
He also said hunting license sales have plummeted in the past two decades.
Families Afield also encourages states to establish an apprentice hunting license, a "try before you buy" concept that allows newcomers to go afield with an experienced mentor before completing a hunter education course.
To participate in the early muzzleloader season, a hunter must have a valid Pennsylvania general hunting license, a muzzleloader stamp and valid antlerless deer license or DMAP permit.
In 2002, 12,469 non-residents purchased a paid hunting license in New Hampshire, but in 2011, according to preliminary figures from the department, only about 9,900 paid, out-of-state hunting licenses were issued, which is about a 20 percent decrease from almost a decade prior.
These measures will ensure that active-duty military personnel who have service-and combat-related injuries are eligible for the same reduced-cost sport fishing and hunting license as our disabled veterans," said Harman.
A general hunting license is $25 for Delaware residents and $130 for nonresidents, plus you'll need a buck tag, which costs $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents.
The number of paid hunting license holders in the United States jumped 3.
Landowners or their agents are allowed to kill feral hogs on their property without a hunting license if feral hogs are causing depredation to the land," said Jared Timmons, AgriLife Extension assistant addressing feral hog issues in Caldwell, Hays and Travis counties.
In Ohio, almost 50 percent of the more than 8,000 people who bought apprentice licenses in 2006 bought some form of regular hunting license in 2008.