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"Our maintenance crew built the huppa, and we had residents helping with costumes and painting the backdrops." Throughout the 10-week rehearsal process, Mueller observed changes in the participating residents.
Huppa et al., "Dynamics of cell surface molecules during T cell recognition," Annual Review of Biochemistry, vol.
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In one telling scene, Kevin (Pam's blond, blue-eyed former fiance) is building a wooden arch for Pam's sister's wedding and explains to Jack and Greg how Jesus inspires him: "He was a carpenter and if I want to follow-in somebodys footsteps, why not the steps of our lord and savior?" Jack immediately interjects, "Greg's Jewish." Kevin replies, "So was J.C." In Meet the Fockers, we learn that Kevin was so impressed by Greg that he became an "intertaith" minister who not only performs Greg and Pam's wedding under a huppa, but sings the Kiddush in Hebrew.
If Israeli had a choice about it, I am sure that most would prefer to marry under huppa with a rabbi.
A second conjugation verb, such as HUPPAMA 'jump' exhibits a 'strengthening' alternation between the infinitive form hupata, which is based on the weak stem hupa, and the present form 'huppan, which is based on the strong stem 'huppa. (4)
His cries ignored by both the army and the soldier's wife, Otto leaves the cemetery, adding that it is a place where they bury people "under a sort of huppa (wedding canopy) or sukka," the hut of the Jewish Festival of Booths (Sukkot).
A billowing swath of sheer fabric first represents the mikvah, the traditional ritual bath Jewish women take before getting married; then the dektikhl, the bride's veil; and finally the huppa, a Jewish wedding canopy.
Obviously, we must use only "kosher" wine to discharge any religious functions (e.g., kiddush, havdallah, circumcision, huppa, etc.).
They selected the following words from the book: warmth, kulich, huppa, sleep, tablecloth, overcoat, babushka, quilt, backhome, and challah.
If the married couple will want to separate immediately after Huppa, even before her entrance to his house, they should be divorced.
In April 2005, standing under a huppa at a Dominican Republic resort, Lake and Katzman were married.