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1. Sports
a. A light portable barrier over which competitors must leap in certain races.
b. hurdles A race in which a series of such barriers must be jumped without the competitors' breaking their stride.
c. A leaping step made off one foot as means of maximizing spring at the end of an approach, as to a dive.
2. An obstacle or difficulty to be overcome: the last hurdle before graduation.
3. Chiefly British A portable framework made of intertwined branches or wattle and used for temporary fencing.
4. Chiefly British A frame or sledge on which condemned persons were dragged to execution.
v. hur·dled, hur·dling, hur·dles
1. To leap over (a barrier) in or as if in a race.
2. To overcome or deal with successfully; surmount: hurdle a problem.
To leap over a barrier or other obstacle.

[Middle English hurdel, portable panel for temporary fences, from Old English hyrdel.]

hur′dler n.
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Noun1.hurdler - an athlete who runs the hurdleshurdler - an athlete who runs the hurdles  
athlete, jock - a person trained to compete in sports
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[ˈhɜːdləʳ] Nvallista mf, corredor(a) m/f de vallas
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[ˈhɜːrdlər] ncoureur/euse m/f de haies
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n (Sport) → Hürdenläufer(in) m(f)
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(ˈhəːdl) noun
1. a frame to be jumped in a race.
2. a problem or difficulty. There are several hurdles to be got over in this project.
to run in a race in which hurdles are used. He has hurdled since he was twelve.
ˈhurdler noun
ˈhurdling noun
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Rick Holloway's prolific hurdler Lenson Wilson is bidding to defend the crown he won at Towcester last year
A winner and runner-up twice as a three-year-old hurdler in France, this Kapgarde gelding was sent straight over fences by his new trainer when contesting a beginners event at Gowran in November.
Nicky Henderson's champion hurdler has not come off the bridle in two wins since he was crowned the best around at Cheltenham in March.
Certainly the hurdles placed on the track for a competitive race are obstacles, but the hurdler learns that the effect of the hurdles must be mitigated in order to cross the finish line ahead of the field.
GREAT Britain hurdler Rhys Williams can return to competition with immediate effect after having his ban for a positive drugs test reduced to four months by UK Anti-Doping.
The Somerset trainer - who won the big Newbury handicap with Whats Up Boys 13 years ago - has seen his former top-notch hurdler run just six times in the last two years due to injury.
Porter will be up against French athlete Cindy Billaud, the highest ranked European 100m hurdler, who will also compete in the Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix.
The champion staying hurdler had been off the track for 420 days with injury but the 11-year-old was still the 6-5 favourite to beat a classy field in the Grade Two contest.
NICKY Henderson can start directing Oscar Whisky towards the Jewson Novices' Chase in March after watching the star hurdler get off the mark over fences at Cheltenham.
London, July 20 ( ANI ): Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke's extraordinary hip-wiggling warm-up performance during the IAAF World Junior Championship last weekend in Barcelona, has taken the Internet by storm.
Meet Michelle Jenneke, the 19-year-old Australian hurdler who is lighting up the Internet with her pre-race ritual, recently caught on tape.
Additionally, the hurdler performs knee lifts to be able to produce the lift necessary to take the lead leg consistently over the bar, with the trail leg smoothly clearing behind.