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1. Sports
a. A light portable barrier over which competitors must leap in certain races.
b. hurdles A race in which a series of such barriers must be jumped without the competitors' breaking their stride.
c. A leaping step made off one foot as means of maximizing spring at the end of an approach, as to a dive.
2. An obstacle or difficulty to be overcome: the last hurdle before graduation.
3. Chiefly British A portable framework made of intertwined branches or wattle and used for temporary fencing.
4. Chiefly British A frame or sledge on which condemned persons were dragged to execution.
v. hur·dled, hur·dling, hur·dles
1. To leap over (a barrier) in or as if in a race.
2. To overcome or deal with successfully; surmount: hurdle a problem.
To leap over a barrier or other obstacle.

[Middle English hurdel, portable panel for temporary fences, from Old English hyrdel.]

hur′dler n.


(Athletics (Track & Field)) athletics the act of running a hurdle race
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Noun1.hurdling - a footrace in which contestants must negotiate a series of hurdleshurdling - a footrace in which contestants must negotiate a series of hurdles
track event - a footrace performed on a track (indoor or outdoor)
سِباق حواجِز
skok přes překážku
skok cez prekážku
engelli yarışta koşma


[ˈhɜːdlɪŋ] Nsalto m de vallas


(ˈhəːdl) noun
1. a frame to be jumped in a race.
2. a problem or difficulty. There are several hurdles to be got over in this project.
to run in a race in which hurdles are used. He has hurdled since he was twelve.
ˈhurdler noun
ˈhurdling noun
References in classic literature ?
Their discovery that I had not harmed the little Martians, and that I was unarmed, must have caused them to look upon me with less ferocity; but, as I was to learn later, the thing which weighed most in my favor was my exhibition of hurdling.
Having finished runner-up to More Of That in the 2014 World Hurdle over three miles before suffering a well-publicised and heartbreaking final-flight exit with the two-and-a-half-mile Mares' Hurdle at her mercy 12 months ago, the brilliant mare now gets a shot at the two-mile hurdling crown.
FISCAL FOCUS, who sprang a 33-1 surprise when landing the Grade 2 Knight Frank Juvenile Hurdle over today's course and trip on his hurdling debut last month, goes in against the big boys in today's BHP Insurances Irish Champion Hurdle, writes Tony O'Hehir.
He said: "He's going to stay hurdling this season and he'll start off in the race at Ascot on the 24th (Coral Hurdle).
Effective hurdling, speed, and preparation for a smooth trajectory over the hurdle go hand in hand with staying high on the balls of the feet.