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 (hûr′ē, hŭr′-)
v. hur·ried, hur·ry·ing, hur·ries
To move or act with speed or haste. See Synonyms at speed.
1. To cause to move or act with speed or haste: hurried the children to school.
2. To cause to move or act with undue haste; rush: was hurried into marriage.
3. To speed the progress or completion of; expedite: hurried the delivery of the product.
n. pl. hur·ries
1. Activity or motion that is often unduly hurried; haste: I forgot my gloves in my hurry to catch the bus. See Synonyms at haste.
2. The need or wish to hurry; a condition of urgency: in no hurry to leave.

[Possibly Middle English horien, perhaps variant of harien, to harass; see harry.]

hur′ri·er n.
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1) Jimmy Hynes, an aerospace engineer who competes in triathlons, hurries through 35-degree air to heated water for a 5:30 a.
4 -- 5) Swimmers follow their individual training plans for 75 minutes of exercise, left, and then Lisa Fink hurries toward the showers before heading to her social-worker job.
Most of the way through ``The Partner'' Grisham keeps a firmer hand on the proceedings than he sometimes has in the past; sheer narrative momentum hurries him over the potholes in his plot.