hurry along

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w>hurry along

visich beeilen; hurry along there, please!schnell weitergehen, bitte!; she hurried along to where her friend was waitingsie lief schnell zu ihrer wartenden Freundin; to hurry along the roaddie Straße entlanglaufen
vt sep personweiterdrängen; (with work etc) → zur Eile antreiben; things, work etcvorantreiben, beschleunigen
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But that's human nature -- hurry along, hurry along!"
As they went, there was a sudden rise in the ground; but the horses, breathing heavily, dashed up it at racing speed, not slackening their pace when the hill fell away again, leaving them to hurry along the downgrade.
It is not cold that makes a man without a great-coat hurry along so quickly.
"We were so dominant in the first half that I was trying to hurry along with the game.
WITH the minutes ticking down on the Old Trafford clock, Ander Herrera ran over to the byline and picked up the ball to hurry along Chelsea's corner taking.
Just as I was about to lift her, Dina took her by the arm, although Darya tutted and urged her sister to hurry along. But Lou, who smiled at Dina and thanked her, pulled her arm back and said that she needed to go back to the room we had just left.
You can hurry along, completing your objectives, or just explore, keeping a wary eye on your life support levels.
'If you're waiting for a 'flu jab, You must hurry along this way, It can strike at any second, So we'd better not delay!' But the other nurse then entered, And cried, 'This patient is all mine, He's my very last appointment, At precisely sixteen fifty- nine!' But Nurse Gibbs was quite determined, That she would not be outdone, And lose a prized week's holiday, In the glorious Spanish sun.
RUNNERS wishing to be part of Meningitis Now's team at this year's Great North Run need to hurry along to sign up for their place.
According to the Pepperdine University Graphic, the student newspaper, Holmes had already been under consideration and the board of regents approved her invite via email to hurry along the process.
This reviewer would even be willing to consider making a deal with creepy replicant triplets or the evil ruler of the Shee, to convince Fisher to hurry along the next installment--just as long as it does not involve the Black Death or the London Blitz.--Sean Rapacki.
Househunters in Sutton Cold?eld are being urged to hurry along to Walton Homes' Bellecote Manor scheme in Four Oaks, before the last remaining property sells out.