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By Jonny Rooney, Fazakerley Christmas Frenzy DECEMBER arrives and the Christmas frenzy starts And normal behaviour departs Shopping, shopping rarely stopping Hustle, hustle bank notes rustle Tills keep ringing, bank balances keep dwindling Prices rising, not surprising Long queues forming from early morning Pressure mounting, days to go counting Worry, worry, hurry scurry Christmas Day dawning, cold winter morning But Christmas is still by worn out adults beguiled When they see the wonder and joy in the eyes of a child John Wall, Wavertree
Brooke, Swarthmore's coach, summarized the new rules thusly: "There will certainly be a great deal more kicking, flukes, passing, tricks, open field running and general hurry scurry."
Hurry Scurry: Hoh Mike (leading) bursts clear to win the Scurry stakes at Sandown
But in the hurry scurry of the central midfield congestion he doesn't have the swiftness of touch or thought to create.