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(hûr′ē-ŭp′, hŭr′-)
Carried out as rapidly as possible, especially in the final minutes of a football game: a hurry-up offense.


characterized by speed or the need for speed; quick.
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Informal. Designed to meet emergency needs as quickly as possible:
Informal: crash, rush.
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Whether it's for a hurry-up weekday breakfast, a leisurely brunch or simply to enjoy with coffee during a morning break or impromptu gathering, there's a lot of good indulging to be found in the speedy recipes that follow.
Germs like Hurry-Ups so much better than some careful Never-Forgetter
These delicate types who shudder at her curt put-downs and gorgeously irascible hurry-ups must be the sort who hide behind the settee when the Daleks come on and crave wall-to-wall Richard and Judy niceness.