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1. Causing pain or suffering, especially of a psychological nature.
2. Damaging or harmful: an incident that was hurtful to his career.

hurt′ful·ly adv.
hurt′ful·ness n.
á særandi hátt, skaîvænlega
acı vererekinciterek


[ˈhɜːtfʊlɪ] ADVde manera hiriente


advverletzend; sayin verletzendem Ton


(həːt) past tense, past participle hurt verb
1. to injure or cause pain to. I hurt my hand on that broken glass.
2. to upset (a person or his feelings). He hurt me / my feelings by ignoring me.
3. to be painful. My tooth hurts.
4. to do harm (to) or have a bad effect (on). It wouldn't hurt you to work late just once.
1. upset; distressed. She felt very hurt at/by his behaviour; her hurt feelings.
2. injured. Are you badly hurt?
ˈhurtful adjective
causing distress. a hurtful remark.
ˈhurtfully adverb
ˈhurtfulness noun
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The prestige of the game's oldest and most famous knockout competition has taken a battering down the years, most hurtfully when Manchester United snubbed the chance to defend the trophy, choosing instead to take part in the inaugural FIFA Club World Championship in Brazil, in 2000.
Be prepared to offer more intensive interventions and support to chronically targeted and marginalized students who behave hurtfully.
English, 20, says "relations with the general population of different religions hurtfully influence our religion as we can't have the capacity to offer supplications or discuss Holy Quran".
He urged that the offspring "of wandering beggars that grow up idly and hurtfully and burdenous to the Realm, might be unladen and better bred up.
Others counter that setting aside the distraction of his brutal street lingo, he is simply a straight-shooter (pun intended) who values truth, however hurtfully stark it may be, rather than the euphemisms (often hypocrisy) of political correctness.
Nothing was more ironical than wasting time and energy without a clear road map adding Punjab Chief Minister hurtfully represents the character perfectly.
In 2012, he received a gift from his Secret Santa that hurtfully compared his work to an animal poo.
I would that we [Christians] were known for our love not for our beliefs that can so hurtfully divide.
Bluntly, both had fumbled and fumbled very hurtfully.
However, many a times the efforts of rural women are hurtfully branded as just their duties or responsibilities .
A troll has now taken to Twitter to round on Denise Fergus, 45, hurtfully accusing her as being responsible for the youngster's killing because he went missing in her care.
The discouragement may come in the form of direct disapproval or quite hurtfully being mocked and ridiculed.