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Variant of husky3.
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Get down to the ground, you-all, Malemutes, huskies, and Siwash purps
Mackenzie hounds, Eskimo and Labrador dogs, huskies and Malemutes--all tried it on him, and all failed.
Thirty or forty huskies ran to the spot and surrounded the combatants in an intent and silent circle.
Billee" and "Joe" he called them, two brothers, and true huskies both.
Three more huskies were added to the team inside an hour, making a total of nine, and before another quarter of an hour had passed they were in harness and swinging up the trail toward the Dyea Canon.
We believe that Huskies thrive better in a foster rather than a kennel environment.
All day long part of the proceeds from Husky vodka drinks will benefit Siberians Needing Owners, a rescue group for former sled Huskies.
AFTER a successful January, the Barry Huskies continued their improved form in February with the first team picking up two more victories.
The impressive performances by DJ (who plays Max) and Coba Bear (Maya) in the film, which opens today (see review on Page 8), started a rush on the plush stuffed huskies sold at the adjacent Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store.
Feasting on an unusual yet hearty in-flight lunch of moose casserole and herb-marinated wild boar, I pondered the item at the top of my to-do list: Mush a team of huskies through the frozen forest above the Arctic Circle.
When sports fans visit Husky Stadium for the next Huskies or Seahawks game, they'll find Starbucks coffee conveniently available while they cheer on their favorite hometown team.
BARRY Huskies 2nds continued an impressive run in the South Wales Valleys League Plate by winning at Crickhowell Bulldogs.