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husk·y 1

adj. husk·i·er, husk·i·est
1. Hoarse or rough in quality: a voice husky with emotion.
a. Resembling a husk.
b. Containing husks.

[From husk.]

husk′i·ly adv.

husk·y 2

adj. husk·i·er, husk·i·est
1. Strongly built; burly.
2. Heavily built: clothing sizes for husky boys.
n. pl. husk·ies
A husky person.

[Perhaps from husk.]

hus·ky 3

also hus·kie  (hŭs′kē)
n. pl. hus·kies
A dog of any of various compact, thick-coated Arctic breeds developed as sled dogs, especially the Siberian husky.

[Probably from shortening and alteration of Eskimo.]
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Adv.1.huskily - in a hoarse or husky voice; "`Excuse me,' he said hoarsely"
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fátyolos hangonrekedt
rámum rómi
kısık/boğuk bir sesle


[ˈhʌskɪlɪ] ADVcon voz ronca
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[ˈhʌskɪli] adv [say] → d'une voix rauque
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advmit rauer Stimme; (= hoarsely)heiser, mit heiserer Stimme
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[ˈhʌskɪlɪ] advcon voce roca
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(ˈhaski) adjective
(of a voice) rough in sound and difficult to hear. You sound husky – have you a cold?
ˈhuskiness noun
ˈhuskily adverb
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References in classic literature ?
"Don't you try to come over me with your Hyperborean manners," Mr Verloc defended himself huskily, looking at the carpet.
But suddenly reined back by some counter thought, he hurried towards the helm, huskily demanding how the ship was heading.
"Suppose," John said, a little huskily, "he were to wake up."
"Tess!" he said huskily, "can you forgive me for going away?
The Mason cleared his throat huskily, as old men do, and called his servant.
Her ticket was taken, she had bidden us goodbye with that fighting face which I cannot see, and then my father came out of the telegraph-office and said huskily, 'He's gone!' Then we turned very quietly and went home again up the little brae.
"Don't you know me?" Trent said huskily. "I'm Scarlett Trent - we went up to Bekwando together, you know.
"As a rule," went on Dempsey, huskily sweet, "O'Sullivans in this district know one another.
There was a brief silence; then, huskily, he asked:
"I am frightened," Saxon quavered huskily, with a half-sob of nervousness.
Omer, huskily, 'it ain't the passages that's out of order!
"Somewhere about here, sir, ain't it?" he asked huskily through the trap.