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also huz·za  (hə-zä′)
Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.
1. A shout of "huzzah."
2. A cheer.

[Perhaps variant of Middle English hisse, heave!; see hoist.]
References in classic literature ?
He put the will carefully back in its place, and spread his mouth and swung his hat once, twice, three times around his head, in imitation of three rousing huzzahs, no sound issuing from his lips.
He whirled off another dead huzzah, and said, "I'm reformed, and this time I'll stay so, sure
Tin pans and horns were added to the din, the popula- tion massed itself and moved toward the river, met the children coming in an open carriage drawn by shouting citizens, thronged around it, joined its home- ward march, and swept magnificently up the main street roaring huzzah after huzzah!
Strokes, thick and heavy, rattled upon the door and lower window-shutters as he ceased to speak, and a loud huzzah burst from the crowd; giving the listener, for the first time, some adequate idea of its immense extent.
The subject of the Central American wars of recent decades have rarely received such s level of artistic treatment onscreen, making this an essential item for prestigious fests with solid vid and tube sales in the wake of critical huzzahs.
Needless to say, this was not greeted with huzzahs in most feminist circles--and I considered myself a feminist.
Award-winning reader Whitener receives three mighty huzzahs for his stirring performance.
The commission's report has been greeted with a chorus of huzzahs in major media reports and editorials.
Indeed, the successful appearance in print of this handsome six-volume set from Oxford University Press, the third publisher involved, brought huzzahs.
So the release of a feature produced out of Toronto but shot in Northern Italy, the Austrian Alps, Oxford in England, Shanghai in China, and Montreal must be met with muted, but dare I say nationalist, huzzahs.