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also huz·za  (hə-zä′)
Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.
1. A shout of "huzzah."
2. A cheer.

[Perhaps variant of Middle English hisse, heave!; see hoist.]
References in classic literature ?
I got up immediately, and observing the good people to be in much concern, I took my hat (which I held under my arm out of good manners,) and waving it over my head, made three huzzas, to show I had got no mischief by my fall.
Like a cry and an huzza will I traverse wide seas, till I find the Happy Isles where my friends sojourn;-
I wish you could have been there to see it all, hear it all, and feel it: and get yourself blown away with the hurricane huzza that swept the place as a finish.
Suddenly, with a loud huzza, a little cloud of pirates leaped from the woods on the north side and ran straight on the stockade.
He therefore walked boldly on after the chair in which his lady rode, pursued by a grand huzza, from all the chairmen present, who wisely take the best care they can to discountenance all walking afoot by their betters.
The Sheriff, who followed close with the men on horseback, also saw the wound and gave a great huzza.
The Batteries fired, the troops saluted, and the populace greeted me with loud and repeated Huzzas.
The Huzzas is a 2,100 km2 3D survey that will cover the Barrow Sub-basin, offshore Northwest Australia.
89) When the jury returned a verdict of not guilty, "there were three Huzzas in the Hall which was crowded with people.
Kudos, huzzas and hearty well-dones to those who gave us a delightful Aug.
Mendelssohn, evidently overpowered, bowed its acknowledgment and quietly descended from his position in the conductor's rostrum; but he was compelled to appear again, amidst renewed cheers and huzzas.
When the train and its triumphant driver reached Machynlleth they were welcomed with "a perfect Babel of sounds, Welsh, English, cannons, music, huzzas and everything.