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Noun1.hydatidosis - infestation with larval echinococci (tapeworms)
infestation - the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites
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Hydatidosis one of the most widely recognized diseases which has economic importance in animals (reduction in milk, meat and wool production) (1) as well as health importance in humans through the high risk of mortality (2,3).
Waiting shorter periods puts the patient theoretically in a risk of secondary hydatidosis in case of a spillage if encountered during the surgery.
Human hydatidosis in Tehran, Iran: a retrospective epidemiological study of surgical cases between 1999 and 2009 at two university medical centers.
(6-10) It has been suggested that surgery is still the most important treatment method with chemotherapy as the coadjuvant treatment; nevertheless, the leakage of protoscolices during surgery may cause secondary hydatidosis. (11, 12) The inoculation of protoscolicidal agents into the hydatid cyst in order to reduce the leakage risk of the viable protoscolices to the adjacent regions is a part of surgery or the PAIR technique (Puncture, Aspiration, Injection of scolicidal agent, Reaspiration).
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