Having many facets or aspects, especially difficult or intractable ones: a hydra-headed social problem.
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1. containing many problems or obstacles.
2. having many branches, divisions, facets, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
I was a little surprised to see Turks and Greeks playing newsboy right here in the mysterious land where the giants and genii of the Arabian Nights once dwelt--where winged horses and hydra-headed dragons guarded enchanted castles--where Princes and Princesses flew through the air on carpets that obeyed a mystic talisman--where cities whose houses were made of precious stones sprang up in a night under the hand of the magician, and where busy marts were suddenly stricken with a spell and each citizen lay or sat, or stood with weapon raised or foot advanced, just as he was, speechless and motionless, till time had told a hundred years!
Otherwise, the hydra-headed corruption at PCSO will continue to grow and reproduce.
The fight against corruption in this country is one of the most difficult tasks but it must go on if the efforts geared towards smothering the hydra-headed monster are to be won in order to secure the future of the next generations.
'This hydra-headed corruption will be cut off until it reproduces no more,' Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a statement.
On Saturday, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said, in a statement, that the President will identify in due time the "culprits" in the "hydra-headed corruption" in all gaming activities.
As a country we have the propensity to shouting hoarse on our voices about the hydra-headed indiscipline in all fiber of the Ghanaian society.
Summary: It has assumed hydra-headed proportions and will need combined efforts to counter
According to him, it has become necessary for NECO to embark on key reforms which are primarily aimed at addressing the hydra-headed monster, adding that NECO was familiar with happenings in the global examination malpractice arena and already had the solution to the problem.
The shady Power purchase agreements which were made in PPP and PML-N governments with private power producing companies also contributed in a big way to the economic melt down and chronic stagflation and hydra-headed monster of circular debt.
Farm labour is so scarce that it created a hydra-headed crisis now.
Even when out of power, they are shaping the political diaogue.The West gave us the gift of jihadi outfits which were adopted and nourished by local interest groups till they turned into a hydra-headed monster.
With Imran Khan at the helm of affairs, let there be a new impetus to talks between all stakeholders to muzzle the hydra-headed monster of terrorism