hydrated lime

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Noun1.hydrated lime - a caustic substance produced by heating limestonehydrated lime - a caustic substance produced by heating limestone
hydrated oxide, hydroxide - a compound of an oxide with water
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Here I report on the feeding deterrent and toxic effects of potential barrier materials (diatomaceous earth, hydrated lime, sulfur, fumed silica, wood ash) and 2 commercially available essential oil-based products reputed to possess repellent properties.
This paper explores how hydrated lime influences the toxic smoke release during asphalt combustion by cone calorimeter analyses; it also explains the mechanism of smoke suppression by hydrated lime via TGA-FTIR, providing a more complete understanding of the smoke suppression characteristics of hydrated lime.
The use of hydrated lime in football pitch markings was phased out by the Football Association from 1995.
RUNNER beans will need an application of hydrated lime applied to the soil in the next couple of weeks.
You can also make simple milk paint yourself from a combination of commercially available casein, distilled water, mason's hydrated lime and borax.
Further experiments examine the potential use of common inorganic sorbents (kaolinite, bauxite, and hydrated lime) to adsorb metal vapor, which offers a potential means of metal emissions control.
"The NLC product range includes hydrated lime (slaked lime), quicklime, crushed limestone and agricultural lime." NLC sales volume was over 440,000 metric tonnes in the 1996/97 financial year.
Laboratory tests were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of hydrated lime, [CA(OH).sub.2], alone and in combination with sodium bicarbonate, [NAHCO.sub.3].
It is described as an economical alternative to caustic soda (liquid and solid), lime, hydrated lime, soda ash and magnesium hydroxide slurry; providing many advantages with few disadvantages.
announced it has completed its purchase of Mercer Lime Co.'s hydrated lime business.
Site owner Viridor confirmed that at 10.45am there was a spillage of hydrated lime' at the Energy from-Waste Plant.