hydraulic engineering

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Noun1.hydraulic engineering - the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motionhydraulic engineering - the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motion
civil engineering - the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams or bridges
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The Far Eastern Federal University has substantial competence in marine hydraulic engineering in freezing seas due to the scientific school of marine hydraulic engineering and marine ice engineering, which was formed in the 1980s.
Hydraulic engineering firm Industrial and Marine Hydraulics Ltd (IMH) says it will add 10 new jobs to its current 40-strong workforce after securing the investment through finance group FW Capital.
The purpose of hydraulic engineering is to design a structure with the proper capacity to divert or remove water from the roadway and pass collected water under the roadway.
The paper will be published in March in the American Society of Civil Engineering's Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.
With the New Year approaching, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of Taipei recommends a number of riverside parks promising fantastic views for the Taipei 101 firework spectacle without the expected crowds drawn to the year-end bash near the landmark skyscraper.
Among their topics are Inca water worship and religion, hydraulic engineering, buildings, cliff carvings, bath of the princess complex, the Rio Patakancha watershed, mountainside hydrology, and Inca roads.
Soetaert-Solitech specialises in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and complex foundation techniques and its activities are fully in line with those of Jan De Nul's civil department.
Chanson (hydraulic engineering and applied fluid mechanics, U.
Winders received the award for his exceptional performance as a hydraulic engineering national technical expert during the national implementation of the Corps Water Management System (CWMS).
The Rio Tinto Mine site that was operated between 1932 and 1976 has an associated mill, heap leach pads and mine tailings in the nearby Mill Creek, which the company will remove for placement in an on-site repository, provide hydraulic engineering services to improve the creek and restore the local redband trout habitat and enhance water quality in the creek and the East Fork Owyhee River as well.
Born in 1959, Aliyev graduated from Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute's Hydraulic Engineering Programme in 1981.

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