hydraulic system

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Noun1.hydraulic system - a mechanism operated by the resistance offered or the pressure transmitted when a liquid is forced through a small opening or tube
hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission system - a transmission that depends on a hydraulic system
mechanism - device consisting of a piece of machinery; has moving parts that perform some function
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 23, 2019-: Automotive Hydraulic System Market 2019 Global Share, Growth, Size, Opportunities, Trends, Regional Overview, Leading Company Analysis, And Key Country Forecast To 2023
There are three key technologies within the Hydraulics segment: cartridge valve technology, quick-release hydraulic coupling solutions and hydraulic system design .
Triumph Group (TGI) has been awarded a contract by The Boeing Company (BA) to supply critical hydraulic system components for the MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueling program.
Energy is saved during most phases of the cycle because there are no hydraulic system losses and motors do not operate unless needed.
Developed for both low- and high-pressure hydraulic systems in agricultural, commercial, construction and industrial applications, Hydraulic Seal Stop Leak and Conditioner contains a premium high-quality durable field-proven zinc-based additive package along with viscosity modifiers to restore thermal stability and anti-wear additives in the hydraulic system.
The hydraulic system is said to produce faster closing and opening speeds, making it ideal for use with many of today's advanced molding compounds, according to the manufacturer.
Therefore, it is a very complex task since, beside requiring large amount of statistical data on components, it also depends on other factors that influence operating conditions of a hydraulic system. Hence, reliability is driven by probability and statistics.
ISLAMABAD -- A Sakardu-bound flight narrowly escaped an accident due to fault in engine and hydraulic system. A PIA spokesman said that soon after take-off, a technical fault occurred in the engine and its and failure of its hydraulic system.
If not discovered prior to flight, the expansion of the hose could have caused it to burst, creating a complete loss of pressure to the HS1 primary hydraulic system and a loss of the designed redundancy of two hydraulic systems.
In the future, the Turbo Hydraulic System is to make an effective reduction in the fuel consumption of large-scale engines by recovering the energy from the exhaust gases.
When those fluids are put under pressure to actuate a mechanism, we've created a hydraulic system, sometimes defined as something "using pressurized fluid to drive machinery or move mechanical components." It also can be defined as transferring "energy by pressurizing fluid to force movement of a slave to produce the action sought."

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