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1. Of, involving, moved by, or operated by a fluid, especially water, under pressure.
2. Able to set and harden under water, as Portland cement.
3. Of or relating to hydraulics.

[Latin hydraulicus, from Greek hudraulikos, from hudraulis, water organ : hudro-, hudr-, hydro- + aulos, pipe, flute.]

hy·drau′li·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hydraulically - in a hydraulic manner; "the block is then tested hydraulically to its full design test pressure on each stream separately"
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meî vökvaafli; vökvafræîilega
hidrolik olarak


(haiˈdroːlik) adjective
1. worked by the pressure of water or some other liquid. hydraulic brakes.
2. relating to hydraulics. a hydraulic engineer.
hyˈdraulically adverb
hyˈdraulics noun singular
the study of the behaviour of moving liquids (eg of water in pipes).
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Hydraulically actuated, the Force Control Industries PosiClutch 200 Series microprocessor-controlled, oil shear PTO clutch mounts onto a diesel engine with SAE 00 flywheel housing; it can include up to four pump pads to drive additional hydraulic pumps, up to 400 HP.
SKF recommends four appropriate methods of dismounting a bearing: manually; with hydraulically assisted tools; using oil injection; and, with heat.
At its facility in Cologne, Germany, Cyklop GmbH replaced an older hydraulically powered backflush screen changer with the recently introduced BKG HiCon V-Type 3G system from Nordson (U.S.
All four discharge conveyors hydraulically fold for transport.
The system includes a hydraulically powered attachment that holds dual spools of Trax each 36 inches or 42 inches wide and up to 100 feet long.
The NT8000i is a closed-loop rate control system for hydraulically driven apron and floor systems on manure, lime, and fertilizer spreaders that provides precision guidance and prescription-based control of the spreading rate.
The pushing, pulling and lifting is hydraulically activated with ample force to do the job.
The firm said it intends to apply for planning consent to hydraulically fracture and test shale at its existing exploration well at Grange Hill, Lancashire, and at up to six new sites in Fylde.
An 1,800 gallon debris tank; hydraulic tilt; hydraulically opened rear door with push-button controls; 6-inch brass rear discharge valve with dust cap; large 8-inch stainless steel portal shutoff (stops vacuum when debris tank is full); and a 425 gallon water capacity also are included.
As of July 1, oil and natural gas companies must disclose the chemicals used when hydraulically fracturing rock to extract oil and gas .