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n. pl. hy·dri·ae (-drē-ē′) or hy·dri·as
A large three-handled water jar used by the ancient Greeks, with two handles used for lifting and the third for pouring.

[Greek hudriā, from hudōr, water; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Ceramics) (in ancient Greece and Rome) a large water jar
[C19: from Latin, from Greek hudria, from hudōr water]
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The London hydria also concerns Herakles, Athena, and the Nemean lion adventure; it is replete with elaborate detail, including labels (Figs.
Shape Name 641 709.1,3 Ta 711 301 Basin 219 Basin, angular 155+D1 Bowl w/ handle 155 Bowl w/ handle/pannier 211a Bowl w/ 2 handles 213 Bowl w/o handle 200 Bowl, pedestal, 2 handles * 216 Chalice 302 Conical bowl 183 Conical vase 250 Conical vase 212 Conival vase w/ handles 212+U Conival vase w/o handles 208 Cup w/o handle 221 Cup, one-handle 218 Vapheio cup 215 Goblet 214+D1 Jar (di-pa) w/ 2 handles 214 Jar (pa-ko-to) w/ 2 handles * 210 Stirrup jar 210+KA Stirrup jar 228 Dipper * 229 Dipper 226 Feasting sets 217 Flask 202+D1 Amphora 209 Amphora 209+A Amphora 202 Amphora (di-pa): 0, 3, 4, handles * 132 Amphoroid 211b Amphoroid 203 Stamnos (qe-to) * 206 Hydria 204 Pitcher * 205 Pitcher 303 Pitcher w/ spout 222 Pithoid vase 227 Rhyton 207 Tripod glob.
Anlagentechnik KG, Hydria Water, Propel Industries., Saveco, The Weir Group PLC,, Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Snoek Technology and Nordic Water Products among other players.
With this much granted we must surely take that riddle back at least to the Stuttgart hydria of c.
Das formas de vasos listadas na Tabela 1, apenas o lekythos (2) e a hydria (3) se distanciam das praticas do vinho.
Ariadne Galleries stages 'Ancient Greek Vases and Fragments', which features an Attic black-figure hydria attributed to the Princeton Painter, active in Athens in the 6th century BC.
On the Athens hydria there is a dancing woman on the left side of the scene and two women on the right.
die Hydria des Polygnot mit den beiden Artisten, einem Jungen und einem Madchen samt einer Flotenspielerin bei John Boardman, Rotfigurige Vasen aus Athen, Abb.138.
The symposiarch mixed the wine with water poured from a hydria into a krater.
An Attic red-figure hydria from the middle of the fourth century shows women celebrating, accompanied by a female piper (Fig.
Praise and Schweigert [3]) in their analysis of household expenditure pattern held that differences in consumption pattern of household can be ascribed to variation in disposable income between households and that any differences not explained could be due to non-economic factors such as the hydria concept of differences in taste.