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(word root) water
Examples of words with the root hydro-: hydroplane
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n. pl. hy·dros
1. Hydroelectric power.
2. A hydroelectric power plant.
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n, pl -dros
(Complementary Medicine) Brit (esp formerly) a hotel or resort, often near a spa, offering facilities for hydropathic treatment


(Electrical Engineering) short for hydroelectric
(Electrical Engineering) a Canadian name for electricity when it is supplied to a residence, business, institution, etc


(Electrical Engineering) (esp in Canada) a hydroelectric power company or board
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(ˈhaɪ droʊ)

n., pl. -dros,
adj. n.
1. hydroelectric power.
2. a hydroplane.
3. Brit. a spa offering hydrotherapy.
4. of, pertaining to, or furnishing water, water power, or hydroelectricity.
[1880–85; by shortening of compounds with hydro-1 (compare -o)]


a combining form meaning “water”: hydroplane; hydrogen.
Also, esp. before a vowel, hydr-.
[< Greek, comb. form of hýdōr water]


a combining form representing hydrogen, used esp. in the names of chemical compounds in which hydrogen is combined with some negative element or radical: hydrobromic.
Also, esp. before a vowel, hydr-.
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1. A prefix that means:
2. Water, as in hydrolectric.
3. Hydrogen, as in hydrolectric power.
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[ˈhaɪdrəʊ] N (Brit) → balneario m
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nKurhotel nt (mit Hydrotherapie)
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"A potty little nine-hole affair at a hydro in the Midlands.
Before I joined him at Burry Mills Hydro, I spent a night at Holmescroft.
I went straight from that house to Burry Mills Hydro, keen for the first time in my life on playing golf, which is guaranteed to occupy the mind.
Yet at mid-day, when I saw Miss Mary in her bathchair, Arthurs behind and Baxter and Miss Elizabeth on either side, in the park-like grounds of the Hydro, I found it difficult to arrange my words.
She almost lived at hotels and hydros, last year, but that isn't pleasant for her.
If all hydro plants are built, including the new ones, the total investment will amount to 100 million euro.
Luber has over 15 years of experience in the financial management field and will be a great asset to the Air Hydro Power team.
13 January 2011 - Norwegian aluminium major Norsk Hydro ASA (OSL: NHY) said today it will reduce capital expenditure to NOK5bn in 2011, including investments in the assets to be taken over from Brazilian miner Vale (SAO: VALE5) ( NYSE: VALE).
"With Hydro and its many skin comfort advances, we've developed a razor that will actually help give back the hydration that other razors can take away."
"The investigation has revealed that mistakes were made in Libya in 2000-2001 that represent a breach of Hydro's regulations.
Sharing the releases for the hydro projects, he said that the government had released Rs 12 million for 48 MW Jagran Hydro power project, Rs 337 million for 20 MW Hydro Power Project Hanzel Gilgit, Rs 70 million for 34.5 MW Harpo Hydro Power Project Skardu and Rs 552 million for 16 MW Hydro Power project Nalter-III.