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The biological study of bodies of water.

hy′dro·bi′o·log′i·cal (-bī′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
hy′dro·bi·ol′o·gist n.
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(Biology) someone who studies or specializes in hydrobiology
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"It sounds like thunder and can travel a long distance," National Geographic News quoted study co-author Xianyan Wang, a Wuhan-based hydrobiologist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences as saying.
The results of the study will provide data on biodiveristy of plankton microorganisms, hydrochemical composition, trophic status and concentration of biogenic elements," hydrobiologist Veronika Dashkova said.
by Alta Vista gave very little more than a hint that the phenomenon may be dealt with by hydrobiologists.