hydrobromic acid

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hy·dro·bro·mic acid

A clear, colorless or faintly yellow, highly acidic and corrosive aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide, HBr, used in the manufacture of bromides.

hydrobromic acid

(Chemistry) the colourless or faintly yellow aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide: a strong acid

hy′dro•bro′mic ac′id

(ˈhaɪ drəˈbroʊ mɪk, ˌhaɪ-)
a colorless or faintly yellow corrosive liquid, HBr, an aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide.
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Noun1.hydrobromic acid - an aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide that is a strong liquid acid
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
acide bromhydrique
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Tenders invited for Supply of Hydrobromic acid, 47% pure
Accordingly, iterative use of commercially available vinylmagnesium bromide (2), 47% hydrobromic acid, and methyl acetoacetate (3) enables us to prepare 1 from all commercially available 2-hexanone (4, Fig.
It is manufactured by the reaction between hydrobromic acid and lithium carbonate.
The leading and diverse medical purposes for which desomorphine or Permonid[R] was sold as hydrobromic acid salt included analgesic, antitussive and even sedative uses.
When mineral acids such as hydrochloric acid or hydrobromic acid are added, hydrogen ions protonate the individual components and the structure falls apart.
A hydrogen-bromine combination is potentially ideal for flow batteries, but hydrobromic acid eats through most membrane materials, severely limiting the battery's life.
AREVA and Schneider Electric have signed an R&D agreement to develop a new energy storage solution, called the flow battery in order to produce and store electricity by combining hydrobromic acid and hydrogen.