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Any of numerous organic compounds, such as benzene and methane, that contain only carbon and hydrogen.

hy′dro·car′bo·na′ceous (-bə-nā′shəs), hy′dro·car·bon′ic (-bŏn′ĭk), hy′dro·car′bon·ous (-bə-nəs) adj.
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The weight loss in the temperature region from about 300 to 520 [degrees]C occurs on account of the hydrocarbonaceous material.
A spectrum of benzene solubles is clearly recognizable by a low hydroxyl concentration and amplified aliphatic, aromatic, and cyclic hydrocarbonaceous functionalities (especially in the regions 720 [cm.sup.-1] (long alkyl chains), 1462-1452 [cm.sup.-1] (cyclic structures), and 1515, 1600, and 1450 [cm.sup.-1] (complex referring to skeleton vibrations of benzene nuclei)).