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n. hidrocelectomía, extirpación de un hidrocele.
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In another descriptive study comparing the frequency of complications after surgery for benign scrotal conditions, Swartz et al reported that the overall complication rate was 20% and included recurrence or persistent swelling (6%), hematoma (5%), and infections (3.6%); 95% of complications were seen after hydrocelectomy. [16]
Etiologies of chronic scrotal pain (1) Causes Percentage of patients Vasectomy 20.61% Trauma 12.21% Infection 11.45% Hernia repair 4.58% Epididymal cyst 1.52% Other identified causes (Hydrocelectomy, TURP, orchiectomy, donor nephrectomy) 6.10% Unknown 43.51% TURP: transurethral resection of the prostate.
The patient underwent hydrocelectomy and epididymectomy as the examination of the frozen biopsy from the epididymis did not appear consistent with malignity.
The clinic, which receives referrals locally and internationally, covers a number of procedures, including: inguinal hernia repairs, orchidopexy (surgery used to bring the testes down), umbilical and epigastric hernia repairs, soft tissue biopsies and hydrocelectomy, ear, nose and throat (ENT) procedures, ophthalmologic procedures, urologic procedures, minor plastic surgery procedures and simple orthopaedic and ophthalmology procedures.
In addition, partial hydrocelectomy was performed in hydrocele patients, and cyst excision was performed in cord cyst patients.
Inguinal and umbilical hernia repair, hydrocelectomy and orchidectomy are on the DHSP list, and an argument may be made for extending outreach programmes so that these are performed at district level, either by expansion of the surgical and anaesthetic specialist cover, or by training doctors at these facilities to perform the procedures unsupervised.
Some patients undergoing hydrocelectomy and varicocelectomy have reported difficulties in urinating (Twersky, Fishman, & Homel, 1997).
Operations performed on Saturdays (N=133) Procedure n Hernia repair 39 Amputation 20 Excision of mass 12 Mastectomy and excision of breast mass 17 Colostomy closure and diverting colostomy 12 Gastrostomy 5 Mini laparotomy and biopsy 4 Skin graft 3 Debridement 3 Arteriovenous fistula 2 Fistulectomy 2 Laparotomy 2 Other (e.g.melanoma excision, scalp aneurysm repair, 12 hydrocelectomy, insertion of port, drainage of sub- diaphragmatic abscess, pelvic abscess)
In adolescents, they usually persist or increase in size, and if they cause discomfort or cosmetic embarrassment, then a scrotal hydrocelectomy is indicated.
The paediatric day surgery service offered at Sidra include general surgical procedures such as inguinal hernia repairs, orchidopexy - a surgery used to bring the testes down, umbilical and epigastric hernia repairs, soft tissue biopsies and hydrocelectomy - surgery for removing fluid in the scrotum.
Out of 116 patients, 29 have undergone Appendectomy surgery, in which 8 (27.58%) were found to be infected; 14 undergone Hydrocelectomy surgery with 1(7.14%) infected; 12 undergone Cholecystectomy surgery with 2(16%) infected; 6 undergone Surgical debridement surgery and no one was infected; 28 undergone Hernia surgery with 7(25%) infected; 15 undergone Laparotomy surgery with 4(26%) infected; 12 undergone Mastectomy surgery with 1(8.33%) infected; (Table 7).
The patients were selected randomly and underwent various urologic surgical operations such as prostatectomy, varicocelectomy and hydrocelectomy, in Imam Hospital in Tabriz, Iran.