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Dispersal of seeds, fruits, or other plant parts by water.

hy′dro·chore′ (-kôr′) n.
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Future studies should evaluate the contribution of this dispersal mode, especially in unfavorable weather conditions (rainy days) to autochory, and verify whether it makes hydrochory a secondary and complementary dispersal mechanism in D.
Hydrochory is the dispersal by water, in which the diaspore floats on or is carried by water.
We also address the relative contributions of seed dispersal by fish (ichthyochory) and by water (hydrochory), comparing the amount of seedlings produced by fish feces with the amount of seedlings produced in a nearby soil seed bank study.
Middleton BA (2000) Hydrochory, seed banks, and regeneration dynamics along the landscape boundaries of a forested wetland.
Enterolobium seeds (15 to 20 mm in length; 10 to 12 mm wide) are mainly dispersed by ruminants, including domestic livestock and occasionally by hoarder rodents (Janzen et al., 1985); hydrochory may also be an important dispersal mechanism where flooding occurs (Enterolobium pods float; Hunter, 1989).
Based on a comparative analysis of morphology of seeds and empirical determination of duration of floating in water, Bregman (1988) reported that seeds of Astrophytum (and several other genera of cacti) are of a type compatible with hydrochory. This also has been observed in eastern Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where summer rains dislodged seeds from dehisced fruit and created flow of water among adult plants such that seeds were transported by water.
1992), seeds could be spread by any of numerous ways (e.g., hydrochory, zoochory, etc.) further increasing the distribution of the species in Mississippi.
All floating fruits were no longer viable, indicating that hydrochory does not play a role in A.
ecological riparian continuity; fragmentation; hydrochory; plant species composition and dispersal; regulated rivers; riparian vegetation; seed dispersal; Sweden; vegetative dispersal.