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A process by which the hydrocarbon molecules of petroleum are broken into simpler molecules, as of gasoline or kerosene, by the addition of hydrogen under high pressure and in the presence of a catalyst.

hy′dro·crack′ v.
hy′dro·crack′er n.


the process of breaking down petroleum into simpler molecules


(ˈhaɪ drəˌkræk ɪŋ)

the cracking of petroleum or the like in the presence of hydrogen in a high-pressure processing unit.
hy′dro•crack`er, n.
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Noun1.hydrocracking - the process whereby hydrocarbon molecules of petroleum are broken down into kerosene and gasolene by the addition of hydrogen under high pressure in the presence of a catalyst
cracking - the process whereby heavy molecules of naphtha or petroleum are broken down into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weight (especially in the oil-refining process)
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The project is a large-scale study of modern technologies and products of the world's leading companies for the four technology priorities of PJSC Gazprom Neft : hydrotreating catalysts, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, solid acid alkylation.
Facilities to be added under the BMP include residue hydrocracking, hydrocracking, hydro-desulphurisation, crude and vacuum distillation, hydrogen production, hydrogen and sulphur recovery, tail gas treatment, sour water stripping, amine recovery, bulk acid gas removal and amine recovery units and facilities for the recovery, solidification and handling of sulphur.
HOUSTON: The large hydrocracking unit was running normally at Motiva Enterprises' 603,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) Port Arthur, Texas, refinery after restarting during the weekend, said sources familiar with plant operations.
Under the terms of the agreement, KBR will provide the basic design package for the Hydroprocessing unit using its proprietary VCC slurry phase hydrocracking technology at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery (JPRC) Expansion Project.
KBR will provide the basic design package for the unit using its proprietary VCC slurry phase hydrocracking technology.
According to energy industry intelligence service, Genscape, Exxon restarted the 65,000 bpd hydrocracking unit on Sunday.
Paraffinic oils are refined using either a solvent extraction method or through a hydrocracking process.
Summary: The hydrocracking of waste vegetable (cooking) oil was studied over two different catalysts as an alternative way to produce jet fuel range alkanes (C9 - C15).
His topics include distillation tower auxiliaries, hydrotreating and hydrocracking, sour water strippers, fluid catalytic cracking units and residual fluid catalytic cracking units, and general process calculations.
The syngas would then have been converted into liquid hydrocarbons using third-party technologies that would have cleaned and conditioned it, including a Velocys Fischer-Tropsch conversion process, hydrocracking and electric power production.
5 B heavy oil residue hydrocracking plant at theA refinery that will take place on Wednesday.
CB&I's joint venture will licence some of its technologies and carry out engineering design packages for new residue hydrocracking and vacuum gasoil hydrocacking units to be built at the refinery.