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 (hī′drō-dī-năm′ĭk) also hy·dro·dy·nam·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to hydrodynamics.
2. Of, relating to, or operated by the force of liquid in motion.

hy′dro·dy·nam′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌhaɪdrəʊdaɪˈnæmɪk; -dɪ-) or


1. (General Physics) of or concerned with the mechanical properties of fluids
2. (General Physics) of or concerned with hydrodynamics
ˌhydrodyˈnamically adv
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(ˌhaɪ droʊ daɪˈnæm ɪk, -dɪ-)

1. pertaining to forces in or motions of liquids.
2. of or pertaining to hydrodynamics.
hy`dro•dy•nam′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.hydrodynamic - of or relating to hydrodynamics
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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(i) Viscosity of the engine oil is the dominating parameter in the hydrodynamic lubrication regime [11].
Figure 5 shows time histories of hydrodynamic forces on the circular cylinder.
[11] introduced a numerical model to predict the hydrodynamic forces acting on a V-shaped tip for velocities up to 105 [micro]m/s and varying cantilever-sample distances.
Numerous researchers have studied hydrodynamic pressure under seismic excitation using a variety of other methods to consider the effects of different parameters.
Hydrodynamic mode lubrication occurs when the joint is moving fast and there isn't a strong force pushing down on it.
A special seal design produces a hydrodynamic oil film between the seal ring and its dynamic counter surface.
In this method, the information about size can be extracted from the StocksEinstein equation [29] and size is classified as a hydrodynamic radius of NPs.
By comparing Figure 13 with Figure 15, during the same corrosion time, the corrosion range of the strong hydrodynamic condition was larger than that of the weak hydrodynamic condition.
The importance of this study is from a constant need to evaluate experimentally the behaviour of the hydrodynamic parameters of two identical sprays in the intersection jets area on a horizontal plate.
Most part of the biological reactors operating for effluent treatment does not present an ideal hydrodynamic behavior, but can be considered, inside a range of acceptable error, plug flow or complete mixture reactors (Bewtra & Biswas, 2006).
Hydrodynamic bearings have been used in a number of twin-screw applications to support kneading sections, and in melt pumps to support the gears; and there are also a number of fully round mixing sections in which they are used to reduce wear.