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We have also reviewed Winward software for tracking water transit modes, Hydrofoil Drone technology and other experiments & technologies of relevance to the marine transport.
The five-day regatta, hosted by Oman Sail with associate sponsor Al Mouj Muscat, was marked by scintillating kite hydrofoil racing in conditions that varied from 6 to 20 knots, challenging the 58 riders, including six women, from 22 countries and six continents.
The 18 month old startup has been developing an electric hydrofoil water taxi, complete with bespoke docking system and ride hailing mobile app as an alternative transport system for today's congested cities.
The maximum angle of attack of hydrofoils was set as 10[degrees], to prevent the flow separating from the low pressure zone, increasing the drag and causing a decline in support strength, as this would cause the hydrofoil to act like a brake, impairing the performance of the vehicle.
Dubbed 'Formula 1 on water', the action, which started on Friday, marked the UK debut of a brandnew fleet of hydrofoil GC32 catamarans, which were put through their paces in fast and furious conditions.
need to know | RICHARD MCCOMB flew from Birmingham airport to Skiathos, and then took the hydrofoil to Alonissos.
NEED TO KNOW | RICHARD MCCOMB flew from Birmingham to Athens, then on to Skiathos, and took the hydrofoil to Alonissos.
For the first time, Uhlman [11] used a nonlinear BEM based on velocity to solve the 2D partial cavitating flows around hydrofoil using a vortex distribution over the flow boundaries.
A Jet engine B Hovercraft C Hydrofoil D Bouncing bomb QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: What are the Royal Peculiars?
They have led to Richards and the crew to affectionately refer to the yacht as the 'Swiss Army Knife', because of the number of appendages she now boasts: the new hydrofoil wing, a retractable forward rudder, two retractable daggerboards, canting keel, and the conventional rudder at the stern.
The hydrofoil, carrying 107 passengers and 10 crew, struck the object at 1:15 a.