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Any of a class of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of a chemical bond.


(Biochemistry) an enzyme, such as an esterase, that controls hydrolysis


(ˈhaɪ drəˌleɪs, -ˌleɪz)

an enzyme that catalyzes hydrolysis.
[< French (1921), = hydrol(yse) hydrolysis + -ase -ase]
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The researchers mixed RHP with a protein called organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH), which degrades the toxic organophosphates found in insecticides and chemical warfare agents.
Oxidative modifications and down-regulation of ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1 associated with idiopathic Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
4) Carbapenems can irreversibly inhibit acylpeptide hydrolase, an enzyme that deconjugates valproate--glucuronide complex and reduces urinary elimination of VPA.
In that report, 12 clones exhibiting CMCase activity and 11 clones revealing 4-methylumbelliferyla-D-cellobioside (MUC) hydrolase activity were detected.
Studies have shown that the members of the genus Lactobacillus are intrinsically tolerant to low pH (Tannock, 2004), and their bile tolerance is due to the presence of bile salt hydrolase enzymes that specifically hydrolyze bile salts (McAuliffe et al.
Sequence alignment indicated that CtCel6 enzyme belonged to glycoside hydrolase family 6 (GH6) and the molecular mass of purified recombinant enzyme CtCel6 was 42 kDa by SDS-PAGE analysis.
Lastly, Thors et al studied the expression of the endocannabinoid-metabolizing enzyme fatty acid amide hydrolase from patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.
This patient has tyrosinemia type I (TYR1) caused by deficiency of fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase [EC.
Enzyme chlorpyrifos hydrolase obtained from the strain was belong to subclass phosphotriesterase that hydrolyzes the phosphotriester bond in chlorpyrifos, the mechanism of action is just like phosphotriesterases isolated from Flavobacterium, Pseudomonas and Agrobacterium (Mulbry et al.
Specifically, the enzyme organophosphate hydrolase, which is a squid ring teeth polymer, has the ability to break down toxic material and boasts self-healing properties.
The product is a well-characterised, oral, small-molecule inhibitor of leukotriene A4 hydrolase, which blocks the production of leukotriene B4, an inflammatory mediator implicated in PAH disease.