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The reaction of water with another chemical compound to form two or more products, involving ionization of the water molecule and usually splitting the other compound. Examples include the catalytic conversion of starch to glucose, saponification, and the formation of acids or bases from dissolved ions.

hy′dro·lyte′ (-līt′) n.
hy′dro·lyt′ic (-drə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, producing, or produced by hydrolysis
ˌhydroˈlytically adv


(ˌhaɪ drəˈlɪt ɪk)

of, producing, or resulting in hydrolysis.
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Although PPS is hydrolytically stable, pellets may pick up some surface moisture during shipping or storage that may result in cosmetic defects, such as surface streaks or splay marks on injection molded parts or severe bubbling or streaking in extruded profiles.
Elastosil LR 3020/60 liquid silicone rubber cures to form a steam-resistant and hydrolytically stable elastomer.
2] saturation capacity and good selectivity for this gas at high pressure, as well as remaining hydrolytically stable.
The process is initiated when a DNA glycosylase recognizes and hydrolytically cleaves the basedeoxyribose glycosyl bond of a damaged nucleotide.
During bottle development, volatile esters decrease as they react hydrolytically and finally achieve equilibrium.
Other products that King Industries has launched include: NACURE XC-31, a catalyst for low temperature cure; K-FLEX XM-337, a resin modified for improving durability of thin films; K-KAT 651, a hydrolytically stable tin free bismuth catalyst; NACORR 1389MS, designed for primerless direct-to-metal (DTM) corrosion protection; K-STAY 555, for improved anti-sag; and DISPARLON AQH-800, an easy-to-use thixotrope for waterborne applications.
A disadvantage of this synthetic method is that the aryloxy silane groups formed from the reaction of BPA with [alpha],[omega]-dichloroPDMS oligomer are hydrolytically unstable [17, 18].
These methods of quantifying the levels of hydrolytically active PON1 Q and R isoenzymes will provide a unique and valuable tool for studying the susceptibility of QR heterozygous individuals to the toxic effects of organophosphates that are hydrolyzed with different efficiencies by the Q and R isoenzymes (11, 12).
The hydrolytically stable, polyether modified silicone is designed to enhance performance benefits for a wide array of cosmetic formulations including hair care, skin care, color cosmetics and personal cleansers.
It is also compatible with many commonly used plastics and elastomers, and is both thermally and hydrolytically stable.
For example, by aldehyde linking a hydrazone is formed from a hydrazine group [13], which is hydrolytically more stable than imine obtained from an amino group.
Like conventional ethylene ionomers, the new ionomers are hydrolytically stable and non-yellowing when properly stabilized.