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tr. & intr.v. hy·dro·lyzed, hy·dro·lyz·ing, hy·dro·lyz·es
To subject to or undergo hydrolysis.

hy′dro·lyz′a·ble adj.
hy′dro·ly·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Adj.1.hydrolyzable - capable of undergoing hydrolysis
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(31-33) In the case of MTMS, the hydrolyzable Si-[OCH.sub.3] groups of MTMS were expected to hydrolyze one by one, and then the resulting silanol would be grafted on silica sol.
Because bacterial growth could be restored by adding iron to the medium, the researchers believe that the inhibitory effects of hydrolyzable tannins are due to their iron-complexing properties.
where (RO) is a hydrolyzable group, such as methoxy, ethoxy, or acetoxy, and X is an organofunctional group, such as an alkyl, amino, epoxy, methacryloxy or vinyl.
-Cl, -N[H.sub.2], -OC[H.sub.3], -OC[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.3], or esters such as -[O.sub.2]CC[H.sub.3], are usually readily hydrolyzable, so that the trifunctional -Si[X.sub.3] group of RSi[X.sub.3] can form RSi[X.sub.2]OH, RSiX(OH)[.sub.2], or RSi(OH)[.sub.3] silanol intermediates by reaction with water.
Hills (1979) reported that the vicinal trihydroxy phenolic moiety of hydrolyzable tannin is not readily amenable in the preparation of adhesives, but it may form a useful extender for phenolic resins, as in the case of chestnut-wood extracts (Kulvik 1976, 1977).
PHA--polyhy-droxyalkanoate--is derived from renewable resources and is recyclable, hydrolyzable, and biodegradable.
New B 8050 is hydrolyzable and gives a wide processing latitude that is said to minimize top-to-bottom block variations and allow fine-tuning of foam hardness.
Yet another approach to developing a hydrolyzable promoiety has been the development of acyloxymethyl and carboxyalkyl substituents (23, 24).
The extracts were then analyzed for total hydrolyzable sugars, total phenols, and ultraviolet (UV) absorption spectra.
Ikeda, Novel hydrolyzable and Biodegradable Cationic Gemini Surfactants:1,3-bis[(acyloxyalkyl)-dimethylamm onio]-2-hydroxypropane dichloride, J.
Cultured medium was field soil (containing 17 g kg-1 organic matter, 90 mg kg-1 hydrolyzable N, 70 mg kg-1 available P, and 300 mg kg-1 available K) collected from cultivated land.