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The treatment of metal or the separation of metal from ores and ore concentrates by liquid processes, such as leaching, extraction, and precipitation.

hy′dro·met′al·lur′gi·cal adj.
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PolyMet has proposed two facilities to impound water: an existing tailings basin and a new hydrometallurgical residue facility.
Outotec offers sustainable solutions both for processing lithium from brines and for the entire value chain of processing spodumene ore to lithium carbonate, including ore beneficiation, calcination, and both acid and alkaline hydrometallurgical refining.
These challenges were fulfilled by variety of hydrometallurgical processes which require low thermal energy such as atmospheric acid leaching [20], microwave caustic leaching [22], high pressure acid leaching [21], two-stage acid leaching [18] and the reactions with different acids [20, 23-26] or with concentrated alkaline solution have been studied [10, 18, 24, 26, 27].
The upper layers of copper ore deposits are easily processed using hydrometallurgical leach technology, in tandem with solvent extraction and electrowinning to produce high-purity copper metal (i.
The Argex hydrometallurgical process is based on the development of a fully integrated process, including chloride leaching of the feedstock, solvent extraction - separation and purification of iron and titanium compounds, hydrochloric acid recovery, iron chloride by-product recovery and the conversion of titanium to market grade Ti02.
As of today, the Navoi has in its structure hydrometallurgical plant, three mining companies, and eight situ leaching mines.
TSE:AVL) (NYSE MKT: AVL) ("Avalon" or the "Company") is pleased to report that metallurgical process optimization work on its Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements ("REE") Project, Thor Lake, NWT (the "Nechalacho Project") is yielding improved flotation and hydrometallurgical recoveries, which are expected to beneficially impact project economics.
Specific topics include the effect of crack opening on the distribution of magnetic flux density around fatigue cracks, a hydrometallurgical pre-treatment process for recovering valuable metals from lead anode slime, mine tailings reprocessing in Da-Hongshan, optimizing the operational performance of diesel mining trucks using thermal management, a new fast multi-pole boundary element method for solving three-dimensional elastic problems, and removing boron from metallurgical-grade silicon by refining the slag with the yttria-silica system.
67 million WMT were shipped to the Coral Bay hydrometallurgical processing plant.
Vale's new hydrometallurgical process that will utilise oxygen to remove the sulfur and iron from the nickel.
Dr Hal Aral from the Minerals Down Under Flagship says the industry is facing 'desperate times' with the combination of water scarcity, declining ore grades, expanding hydrometallurgical operations and escalating production pressures.
Without having obtained the required permits, Caspiy Ecology was dismantling buildings and structures and doing other types of work on the territory of the former chemical and hydrometallurgical plant in the Mangistau region, where radioactive wastes are stored," reads a statement from the Prosecutor General's Office.